Skyblock Challenges

Skyblock in Smessiecraft heeft verschillende challenges. De staff heeft de mogelijkheid om nieuwe challenges aan te maken, als je een suggestie hebt dan kun je contact opnemen met de staff via de in-game chat of via discord, de discord link vind je via /discord , vind je huidige challenges met /is challenges. In het verleden is het voorgekomen dat bepaalde challenges bugs hadden, moderators en admins kunnen je hierbij helpen en je een nieuwe challenge geven.

Hieronder staan alle huidige challenges opgenoemd:

  • Glass Maker
    Create 1 block of glass
  • Bread Maker
    Bake 21 loaves of bread
  • Dye Maker
    Craft 32 cactus green dyes
  • Paper Maker
    Create 21 pages of paper
  • Cobble Maker
    Create a cobblestone generator and mine 64 cobblestone.
  • Seedbank
    Collect 64 melon seeds, 64 pumpkin seeds and 64 wheat seeds
  • Stew Maker
    Cook up 18 bowls of mushroom stew
  • Builder
    Reach island level 10 (/island level).
    Kill monsters and collect 64 rotten flesh, 32 skeleton bones, 32 string, 32 arrows, 16 gunpowder, 5 spider eyes
    Harvest 64 units of the following: wheat, sugar, melon, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin
  • Angler
    Catch and cook 10 standard fish (no salmon)
  • Treecutter
    Create a tree farm and collect 16 oak, birch, jungle, and spruce logs
  • Cookie Maker
    Make 128 cookies and a bucket of milk
  • Craftsman
    Reach island level 75 (/island level).
  • Homestead
    Build a house that contains at least 1 wooden door, bed, bookshelf, crafting table, furnace, glass-block window, and torch.
  • Nether
    Build a nether portal on your island and activate it.
  • Enderpearls
    Collect 15 enderpearls from endermen
  • Slimeball Farmer
    Collect 40 slimeballs from slimes
  • Baker
    Bake 5 cakes and 5 pumpkin pies
  • Pioneer
    Make 1 map and use it, a compass, a clock and collect 64 netherrack, 16 soulsand, and 1 ghast tear
  • Mason
    Reach island level 150 (/island level).
  • Shepherd
    Collect 5 of every color of wool
  • Alchemist
    Brew 1 potion of Fire Resistance, Slowness, Swiftness, Healing, Harming, Invisibility, Strength and Regeneration
  • DJ
    Craft a jukebox and collect all music discs
  • Gem Collector
    Collect 50 emeralds
  • Culinary Artist
    Collect 1 of every kind of cooked or crafted edible food (no raw food, zombie flesh, or super golden apples)
  • Beaconator
    Build a beacon and let it shine!
  • It Takes A Village
    Hold a village meeting with 10 villagers!
  • My Precious
    Build an iron golem
  • Snow Play!
    Build a snow golem
  • "Its a party"
    Have a party! Invite 4 friends.
  • "Its a Monster Party"
    Have a party - all monsters invited! Get close to a Skeleton, Zombie, Spider, Creeper and Enderman all at the same time.